In this post, we created a list of the Best Car washing centers in Nagpur that provide the best services : 

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1. DEER AUTO GROUP | Car washing services | Best car wash in Nagpur | Car spa | Car care | Car washing

           Address:   Plot no. 3, Shop, 3, Takli Seem-Hingna Rd, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440036

           Phone No:  07666249461

           Hours:  10 am–8 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location:  DEER AUTO GROUP | Car washing services | Best car wash in nagpur | Car spa | Car care | Car washing

2. Wash Baba Car Care

           Address:   B/4/29, near Yadav Nagar, Ekta Colony, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440026

           Phone No:  08563867555

           Hours:  5:30 am–9 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location:  Wash Baba Car Care

3. Rajesh Car Washing Center.

           Address:  3, Wardha Rd, Vikas Nagar, Sawarkar Nagar, Samarth Nagar East, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440015

           Phone No:  09850309794

           Hours:  9 am–7 pm  ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location: Rajesh Car Washing Center.

4. Palandurkar Car Washing Center

           Address:  Morghade Layout, Ramna Maroti Rd, Pawansut Nagar, ramna maroti, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440009

           Phone No:  09175749993

           Hours:  7 am–8 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location:  Palandurkar Car Washing Center

5. Unique Car washing & service centre

           Address:   Hudkeshwar rode nirmal bank, opposite Galii, near हनुमान मंदिर, Sanmarga Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440027

           Phone No: 07262061435

           Hours:  9:30 am–8 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location: Unique Car washing & service centre

6. Chhaoni Washing workshop 

           Address:  Near NMC building , chhaoni mangalwari zone, opp. CP office, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

           Phone No:  09326939669

           Hours: 9 am–6 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location: Chhaoni Washing workshop

7. Eguram Car wash

           Address:  425X+VW6, Deendayal Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

           Phone No:  07039142121

           Hours:  N/A

           Map Location: Eguram Car wash

8. Shiv Washing Center

           Address:  Sakkardhara Road Chitnispura, near Chatrapati Vidyalaya, Mahal, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440032

           Phone No:  09766591100

           Hours: 10:30 am–6 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location:  Shiv Washing Center

9. Express Carwash

           Address:   5, Ring Rd, Jafar Nagar, New Mankapur, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440030

           Phone No:  09890076967

           Hours:  10 am–6 pm ( All WeekDays Open)

           Map Location:  Express Carwash


           Address:  DR Colony, Jafar Nagar, New Mankapur, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440030

           Phone No:  07276702771

           Hours:   10 am–8 pm (Wednesday Closed, Remain Days Open)

           Map Location: AS-TEAM CAR SPA

These are the best Car washing points in Nagpur, you can choose anyone for the services. Please share your experience with us. 


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