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Gorakhpur, a city steeped in history and culture, boasts a rich architectural heritage. From ancient monuments to modern structures, the city showcases a blend of traditional and contemporary architectural styles. For those seeking professional architectural services, Gorakhpur is home to a talented pool of architects who excel in crafting spaces that resonate with the essence of the city.

Aspiring to assist both locals and visitors in navigating the architectural landscape of Gorakhpur, we present the “List Of Top 10 Architects in Gorakhpur” This curated compilation is a testament to the skill, creativity, and dedication of these professionals in shaping the city’s built environment. Whether you’re envisioning a residential project, commercial development, or cultural institution, these architects possess the expertise to bring your dreams to life.

1. Formatix Architects Best Architect in Gorakhpur

    Address:  1st floor, United Compound, Cinema Rd, Golghar, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001

    Contact No:  08853003125

    Opening Hours: 10 am–7 pm

    Map Location:  Formatix Architects Best Architect in Gorakhpur

2. Pediment Designer & Architects

    Address:  H No. 979, Modern Medical Hall, C/O, Reti Chowk Rd, Ghoshcompany Chowk, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001

    Contact No:  09555838300

    Opening Hours: 11 am–6:30 pm

    Map Location:  Pediment Designer & Architects

3. Globes Construction & Designer 

    Address:  C132/238 diwan bazar new colony, Uttar Pradesh 273012

    Contact No:  09415894836

    Opening Hours: 7:30 am–9:30 pm

    Map Location:  Globes Construction & Designer – Best Construction Company in Gorakhpur

4. Sumaya Infracon Pvt Ltd

    Address:  front of kamla hospital, Yadav complex, Padri Bazar, Vishwakarmapuram, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273014

    Contact No:  09455974696

    Opening Hours: 11 am–6 pm

    Map Location:  Sumaya Infracon Pvt Ltd

5. Lancet Architects & Planners

    Address:  Ashok nagar south, Bholaji Puram, near Radhika Complex, Basharatpur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273201

    Contact No:  6388543639

    Opening Hours: 9 am–7 pm

    Map Location:  Lancet Architects & Planners

6. saar – the design studio

    Address:  427-B, Harhwa Fatak Rd, Om Nagar, Ramjanki Nagar, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273004

    Contact No:  087360 64417

    Opening Hours: 10 am–6 pm

    Map Location:  saar – the design studio

7. Sacredesign Architects

    Address:  First Floor-2, Near Sarthak Hospital, Khajanchi – Fatima Byepass Road, Uttar Pradesh 273013

    Contact No:  08853565251

    Opening Hours: 10 am–8 pm

    Map Location:  Sacredesign Architects

8. A.S.K Architect’s Group

    Address:  Jail Bypass Rd, Padri Bazar, Shahpur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273014

    Contact No:  08090150500

    Opening Hours: 10 am–7 pm

    Map Location:  A.S.K Architect’s Group

9. Urbanbox Consultants

    Address:  Beside GDA office, Siddhartha Enclave, Rail Vihar Colony Phase 3rd, Taramandal, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273017

    Contact No:  09455619424

    Opening Hours: 10 am–1 pm, 2–8 pm

    Map Location:  Urbanbox Consultants: Planners, Architects, Interior designers, Engineers and Turnkey solution Professionals.

10. JAY Architects

    Address:  Bhagat Chauraha, above SBI ATM, Taramandal, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273016

    Contact No:  09721936299

    Opening Hours: 11 am–7 pm

    Map Location:  JAY Architects

In compiling this list, we’ve meticulously researched and evaluated the architects based on their portfolio, expertise, client reviews, and contributions to the architectural community. However, we acknowledge that the field of architecture is dynamic, and new talents may emerge or existing ones may evolve. Therefore, if you come across any discrepancies or wish to suggest additional names worthy of recognition, we welcome your feedback.

Your insights not only enhance the accuracy of our list but also foster a collaborative spirit within the architectural community of Gorakhpur. Together, let’s celebrate the visionaries who shape the city’s skyline and contribute to its architectural legacy. Explore the talents showcased in our list and embark on your journey to transform spaces into timeless works of art.


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